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Bold, Brilliant, Confident and Chic! Different, Full of Life and has Non-Stop Attitude! Smart, Sexy, Sophisticated and willing to claim her Space and Place! She's SaSsy and you can be too...

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Life Balancing: 11 Things I Do Every Day You Need to Try Now!

I must be fast becoming a guru!   You know…like Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols or Wayne Dyer, dead though he is.   Every time I turn up somewhere, for whatever reason, somebody is waiting to engage me in a “life balancing” conversation.   They go something like this: “Oh Lorna! I’m glad to see

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Really? A man is your big money rescue?

  There’s something that has concerned me as long as I can remember.   It is this belief, approach, whatever you want to call it that even in these gender-enlightened times, women are still thinking of and using men as their money rescue or financial security. Really?   And as if to prove me right,

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4 Easy Ways to Have The Best Life. Ever!

  I looked through my living room window yesterday and I saw of all things – a tortoise.  What? A tortoise?  In our neighborhood? Cheez!   I later learnt that it was a pet which had escaped the confines of its upper class accommodation and perhaps decided to explore its surroundings.

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