How to be really happy on your own terms!

image of woman showing how to be really happy on your own terms

image showing a really happy woman

Recently I went to a cocktail party.


Noo…my house was not leaking but I need to remind potential clients that I am alive occasionally.


Noticeably present was this man whom I have no choice but to call the health inspector”.

There he was, roller skating across the room (or so it seemed to me) and every person he met, he asked them predictably “how are you?” and predictably they regaled him with some version of doom and gloom.


Some blamed the economy – global and local. Others blamed the politicians. And the Christians blamed the level of sin in the country.


And then it was my turn. “How are you, Lady?” 


“Really, really happy, Sir!” I replied enthusiastically…and there was a hush in the room for all of a long, five seconds. Then everybody was all over me:


How do you know you’re happy?

What do you mean by “really happy?”

You just saying that or are you really happy?

Is that something we needed to hear?

Sooo, can we take that to the supermarket?


Yoooouuuu! I could not believe these people…but then, why not?


They are just representative of the wider society. We are so comfortable with the negative that we have absolute distrust of the positive and the good.


This was not the first time I’ve been required to defend the fact that I am happy but I absolutely refuse to! I will just reiterate that I am really happy. I am happy as _____ (you supply the adjective!)


So how can you be really happy on your own terms?


It’s so simple: Follow my example!


I adhere to none of society’s accepted definitions and I recognize none of its fashionable limitations.


You tell me that the economy is “bad” and I believe you. But I leave that to the economists and the politicians.


I look to see who in a “bad” economy are in need of my services and I pitch to them. Or I find out what services are needed in a “bad” economy and I design and sell them.


The level of sin in society I leave to the Christians and other religious folk because I have no means of measuring it.


Without any earthly religious intervention on my behalf, I drop to my knees often and go directly to my higher power who I am comfortable calling God.


I created my own business so that I could:

  • eliminate “workplace stress” as many of you know it 
  • increase the number of people I can help to live really happy lives
  • design the freedom lifestyle that I now live


Now this means that in reality, I create my own income.


Since I create my own income, I and only I decide how to spend it.


I will buy a $5 lipstick as easily as I will buy one for $50. I can spend $1,000 on myself one day just because I feel like it and because I come first in my life. Just as easily, I will give money to the Salvation Army or donate my services to some deserving cause.


But I get to decide.


Of course I deserve abundance in its many forms. So I ask God for it and then I step out of her way and let her work her magic. When it comes, I am always grateful and never apologetic.


It’s not my fault that you want “just enough to get by” and when you get it, you curse your bad luck and lament the good fortune of everyone around you.


You can go ahead and be as liberal in your praise of me or equally so with your criticisms. You see, I am completely divorce from your opinions.


Can you have problems and still be really happy?


Hey, I have challenges and problems just like you. But here is the difference.


I don’t throw up my hands in despair and look outside of myself for someone or something to blame them on or to solve them for me.


I refuse to wear troubles like a tattoo and discuss them every opportunity I get. To do that would be to give them an importance and an energy that will only make them multiply and increase.


Me and God are an awesome team and we haven’t yet met anything that we can’t deal with together!


Furthermore, something is only a problem if you think it is and treat it as such.


Why are some people happier than others?


You know what is really sad? I don’t have, you don’t have, no one has the monopoly on happiness!


To me, “happy” is the perspective from which one views life. It is a choice you make from the number of choices you are faced with in life.


I could have chosen, anger, despair, sadness, oh-poor-me, fear, this-world-isn’t-fair, things-bad-out-there, regret, bad-luck…some of the perspectives which too many of you choose.


People who make these negative choices “fit in” and are readily accepted by society.


On the other, we who choose to be really happy are required to defend ourselves, prove our positions, protect our self-esteem and even hide our feelings!


Well not me!


I will not be shamed into hiding the fact that I am happy, really happy. And neither should you.


I will shout it from the rooftops because it is a fact. I am happy. As a matter of fact, I am happy as _____. (You supply the adjective)!





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