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7 Serious Things You Do That Are Really Not Worth It!

Okay…Let’s admit it. Not everything you do in this life will be worth it.   You know…like cussing out the baby sitter and firing her without thinking about a replacement. Or…   Being a smart-ass with the traffic cop and ending up having to pay a $350 fine. Or…   Even cussing out your boss’ wife. You really could have […]

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6 best indicators to determine when you are middle class

  A good friend of mine once declared me to be “very middle class!”   This was in response to my dogged refusal to describe myself as such.   Were I so desperate as to locate myself in any one class, it would have to be the upper, upper class.   You see, anything “middle” is average and I am […]

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Women: How to Be Awesome and Forever Young!

The presentation was hot. I was on a high!   I got in my car and turned the key. Right on cue, Rod Stewart came rushing back at me.   He was singing one of my favorite songs “Forever Young” in that dark, husky way that only Rod Stewart can.   Taking the song personally, I started singing right alongside […]

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Life Balancing: 11 Things I Do Every Day You Need to Try Now!

I must be fast becoming a guru!   You know…like Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols or Wayne Dyer, dead though he is.   Every time I turn up somewhere, for whatever reason, somebody is waiting to engage me in a “life balancing” conversation.   They go something like this: “Oh Lorna! I’m glad to see you (air kiss left, air […]

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4 Easy Ways to Have The Best Life. Ever!

  I looked through my living room window yesterday and I saw of all things – a tortoise.  What? A tortoise?  In our neighborhood? Cheez!   I later learnt that it was a pet which had escaped the confines of its upper class accommodation and perhaps decided to explore its surroundings.

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Good Sex: My happiness is complete…really?

image of man and woman in position suggesting good sex

  I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention…   But suddenly I noticed that I was hearing a lot of these statements in my conversations with women:   “… I’m so happy…I found a man…the sex is good…life is great!”   “Girl, good sex is a prescription for happiness! What is your problem?”   …not firing on all cylinders […]

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