4 Easy Ways to Have The Best Life. Ever!


I looked through my living room window yesterday and I saw of all things – a tortoise.  What? A tortoise?  In our neighborhood? Cheez!


I later learnt that it was a pet which had escaped the confines of its upper class accommodation and perhaps decided to explore its surroundings.

No problem, he was definitely friendlier than his owners. But that aside, I’m no fan of tortoises, so I began to observe him closely to make sure he did not end up in my backyard.


As I watched the curious journey of this mammal, I was struck by how much we humans, with all our superior intellect, unique opportunities and vast resources can sometimes behave just like this tortoise.


And in behaving like this tortoise, we get in our own way of living the best life that we can. And isn’t having the best life our ultimate goal?


So in this post, I want to share my observations of the tortoise’s journey and use them to show you just four easy ways you can have the best life ever!


 Observation & Best Life Action #1


As the tortoise progressed down the road, he kept close to the now familiar sidewalk, hardly daring to leave its protective cover, even though not many cars were passing at that time.


This is similar to the way in which you hug the protective blanket of your comfort zones, hardly daring to try anything new or different that takes you away from “home”.


You travel down the highway of life, slowly and carefully, analyzing and then re-analysing every opportunity, offer or invitation.


You claim that you need time to “learn” but then you’re forever learning and never actually doing. And if this was not bad enough, you then criticize every other person who tries anything new.


Come on, step out of your comfort zone and try something new or find a new way of doing a same old something!


It doesn’t have to be something big and earth shattering. But then again, why not? You see, change is like investing. The bigger the risk, the bigger the dividend.


Stop reading now. Think of that thing you want so bad, you can almost taste it. Write it on a piece of paper. Then write down 3 small action steps you can take towards getting it right now.


Remember success loves speed.


Commit right now to taking those steps and learning and correcting as you go along.


You’re working on your best life, ever! Remember?


 Observation & Best Life Action #2


 The tortoise soon met an obstacle…and guess what he did?


He turned right around, came almost back to the point where I first saw him and then he stopped and surveyed his surroundings.


Oh man! How many times have I seen friends, colleagues and especially women turnaround and race right back down the same path that brought them to a problem or obstacle in the first place?


Obstacles in life are inevitable. If handled correctly, they provide some of our biggest life lessons as well. You need to view them close up. Do not retreat to a safe distance and wonder what to do next.


Get close up and personal with an obstacle.


When you do, you can see it for the bully it really is. Then you can find ways to reduce it down to a manageable size and deal with it from a position of awesome strength.


Every time you deal with a problem head on, you build your problem-solving muscle and before you know it, solving problems is as routine as brushing your teeth. I know this first hand.


Observation & Best Life Action #3


As was to be expected, the tortoise got tired and hungry, so he became bold. He pushed his neck far out of his shell to scan his surrounding.


Wonder of wonders! Food was exactly 6 inches away…if he could just make it over the sidewalk and onto the grass.


His primary needs won. He climbed laboriously onto the grass and began eating. All thoughts of his safety suspended for the moment.


Do you always seek to satisfy your primary needs first?


Don’t get me wrong, primary needs are important and it’s difficult for many people to see the big picture and dream large dreams when they’re hungry.


But focusing exclusively on your primary needs and allowing them to be the driving force in your life, guarantees that you delay your dreams, refuse to set goals and demand gratification in the here and now.


Then you become increasingly disgruntled and unhappy, more inclined to blame the government, the church, the rich people for having it all and even the dogs for barking too loudly and frightening away your birthright!


Always have a goal and find out what is the first step to take to realize your goals and be prepared to do it.


Most of the time, taking the first small step towards something you want is really a big exhilarating step to the life you want.


 Observation & Best Life Action #4


Now that the tortoise was fed and the grass was so much more comfortable than the surface of the road, he was not going anywhere anytime soon. He was in “comfort zone” for the long haul.


As I watched him settle in, my thoughts went right back to my last days in high school. Oh! The dreams we girls had and the plans we made. We were going to conquer the world!


In our imaginations, we selected the top jobs in the top institutions and where they did not exist, we created them in our minds.


We started the sassy businesses with branches around the world and we traveled to exotic countries.


Then, one by almost every one, the dreams died. The fabulous lives were traded for the real-life, safety “grass” of marriage, serving as unequal partners to men with top jobs in top institutions. (sigh)


Just a few of us actually started business and I’m proud to be among them.


To achieve anything in life, to live your best life, have a goal and focus on achieving it.


Of course there are many routes to your goal and it’s important to expand your horizons. But when you keep your dreams in front of you, you’ll never fall asleep at the wheel.


Parting thoughts…


You CAN have the best life. Ever! As a matter of fact, you can have a SaSsy Lifestyle!


You have to want it and take action towards it.


These 4 easy ways which I have shared with you are just a place for you to start. You can also download my SaSsy Howto “Be your SaSsy Self and implement them one at a time.


You owe it to yourself. Darling…you just owe it to yourself to have your best life. Ever!


As the sun began to set and no one had collected the tortoise, I applied one of the life lessons I had learnt long ago: it’s better to make a bad decision and implement it than to remain indecisive.


I picked up the phone and call the nearby vet, safe in the knowledge that the tortoise would not spend the night exposed to the dangers that darkness can sometimes bring.


To your best life…



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