Guidelines for Writing For SaSsy Lifestyles

How to submit a guest post to


We’re so happy you’re interested in writing for SaSsy Lifestyles! Let me help you so that the process is pleasant for both of us.


If you ended up on this page and you’re not sure you’re ready to write, maybe you need to grow your sassy. No problem…get some help right here.

Why we want you to write for us to:


  1. encourage you to be a guest blogger and provide a platform to help you do just that.
  2. encourage women (and men!)to begin sharing their thoughts and giving you an outlet to do this
  3. provide our SaSsy women with fresh, new and different viewpoints on a variety of topics
  4. expose readers to a “voice” other than mine


Why we won’t want you to write for us


If your purpose is link exchanges, paid link requests, advertising-type posts, etc…


If it’s to tear down the work of other writers, women or anyone elsewhere in cyberspace…


No discussion, no compromise, you will NOT be entertained.


Yes…we have guidelines


Of course! The page title should have given you a clue.


  • The content should be of very high quality, unique, funny, deep, serious, and when you’re sharing an opinion, make sure it’s yours.


  • Word count should be between 800 -1,500 but don’t become boring to achieve the word count.


  • Spun, rehashed or duplicate content will NOT be tolerated.


  • DO add images, screenshots or anything that would enhance your post and the readers appreciation.


  • Include a short author’s bio (4 lines max) containing one link to your own blog and one to your social profile


  • If you can, format your blog properly – add sub-headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, etc


  • As Editor-in-Chief, I will make minor edits to your post if required, for major edits, I will get back to you.


  • Once the post is published, you are required to share it in your social circle, and respond to any comments coming in.


  • Following is a list of categories. We will expand these with your help but for now, try to fit your post within the list.


  1. Relationships – between partners, parents/children, friends, colleagues, even enemies
  2. Money Matters – savings, investing, money within relationships, etc
  3. Life – how you live, how to get the best from it, etc
  4. Fitness and Health – just what it says
  5. High Heels and Lipstick – you know…fashion, clothes, make-up, all those things that keep us SaSsy
  6. Parenting – Tips to improve it, single mothers, teen mothers…
  7. Lorna Out Loud (LoL) Only for me! to express my crazy side

That’s it!

So go ahead…use the form below to pitch to me. If your pitch sounds promising, I will get back to you and then you can write and submit your post.




I look forward to seeing your contribution on this site.