Meet Lorna Barrow – The SaSsy Boss! A story to inspire you!

Image of Lorna Barrow the sassy boss


Here I am!


Sassy as Shit! No permission required…


As a matter of fact…I am the SaSsy Boss!


I am comfortable with who I am and I feel no guilt about who I am not.


I am a mother and a grandmother and I excel at both even though I like being a grandmother better.


Dancing is my thing and for my hips, it’s absolute bliss as they bounce and sway and keep perfect time to the music that inspired me to activate them.


Writing is also something I love to do. I just write for me and you…Trying to write for the search engines…sorry google.


Ask me to sing though, and YOU are in trouble – not me. My friends and family remind me constantly that I can’t sing. I don’t even argue because I never wanted to do anything in life requiring me to sing.


People declare me to be successful and I absolutely agree. However, I suspect that we might disagree on the criteria for success. While they are thinking money, I am thinking resilience.


You see, I’ve learnt to forgive myself as many times as I’ve had to, pick myself up, dust me off and start over.


I’ve been labeled many things in my life: arrogant, bitch, idiot, madwoman, whore, sweet, easy-going, complex, deep, funny, difficult, academic, friend, enemy, Toastmaster, bright and oh yes, SASSY.


I speak in my own voice and I require no permission to accept my brilliance and stand in my truth.


Please note that I also march to the beat of my own drum and I offer no apologies or comfort to anyone who would want me to be anything less than who I am.


I am the Boss of Sassy!


But was this always the case?…Noooo not at all! So…



Rewind with me to life before SaSsy



You know and I know.


Life can be a bitch that grinds you down inside even as you smile and present a bold front to the world.


You have dreams and you make the mistake of telling your good friend and she tells you you’re living on cloud 9 and you should get real.


You try really hard to fit in and it takes eternity to discover that as “fit in” goes, there is no size that fits you.


A bank account? 


You don’t have a bank account because your self-esteem is so low, you are intimidated by the atmosphere inside the bank.


There is never enough money anyhow, so who needs that stupid bank account anyway!


Your self-esteem is so low but it’s matched only by your equally low self-confidence. And when these two gang up on you, it’s a miracle when you can crawl out of bed and function “normally”.


You can’t seem to choose the right man, because you are living in the memory of all the abusive relationships you grew up with, and you are determined that this will not be your story.


When you set out on the high road to a better life, you think that education is the key. But hot sex gets in the way and instead of graduating with a BA, there’s no graduation and there’s a BA-BY.


Your baby father sells the car you are paying for, leaves $600 in a letter with his father and a child for you to raise on your own. He was off to the States in search of fame and fortune. And it rips your guts right open.


You leave your comfortable job one evening and when you go back the next morning, it’s not there because the international funding has just about dried up. You are made redundant without severance. It rinses out your belly.


You live constantly with a ball of fear and dread somewhere in the area of your solar plexus because you are not sure when the next bad thing will happen.




So afraid because little by little, bit by excruciating bit, life grinds you down and you believe you can die without having ever truly lived.


Life is a bitch. You grow and it changes…friends become strangers and you don’t relate to them anymore and there’s emptiness. Lots of emptiness…


And your back is against the wall and there’s nowhere to go…


Except FORWARD and fast!


The road to SaSsy!


Image of Lorna Barrow building her Sassy muscle


Oh Yes! I was leaving that life BEHIND by any means possible!


I had nothing to lose. And when you have nothing to lose…you have nothing to lose.


And so began my  journey.  The journey to SASSY.


The journey of crawling, stumbling, falling, getting back up, crawling, walking, running, walking, running and finally soaring and soaring and soaring!


The journey in which I found myself and realized that I wasn’t really lost at all – I was just looking for me in all the wrong places.


The journey…oh yes, the journey which started with me declaring “I have had enough!” and accepting and embracing that “I am MORE than enough!”


But the awesome part of my journey (which incidentally is a never-ending ride of excitement) was the lessons – the powerful, gut-wrenching, life-changing lessons, which I had to learn.


And they were coming with me because they were my highway to SaSsy!


So I lay them out before you because there’s enough space on the highway for you. And you. And especially YOU.

A sample of the SaSsy lessons I learnt




Life is NOT a bitch…it’s what you make it.


Your biggest lessons are in your biggest mistakes. Figure them out.


Your dreams and your journey are yours and yours alone. No one else has to buy into them.


Cast your goals in cement and trace the route to them in the sand.


Be strategic and make everything you do take you towards your ultimate goal.


Don’t define yourself by your debt. Just pay it off!


Have faith…some days it is all you have.


You can be a single mother and still have it all.


Don’t always wait for inspiration before you act. Take action and inspiration will join you.


It’s darkest just before dawn.


Breathe…it will keep you alive.


Opportunities are all around you. Don’t regret a lost one…choose another one.


When you have to kick ass, kick yours the hardest.


Forgive yourself and get back on track.


Have nothing to hide, nothing to protect and nothing to prove.


One day you will own the moment.


Laugh…a sense of humour kills a need to harm.


If you’re alive…the last chapter of your life has not been written.


A SaSsy Lifestyle requires no permission!



The SaSsy Lifestyle




I am sassy today because I choose to be. I own the moment.


I am comfortable in my own skin and I have stripped away layers and layers of protective covering so I can stand in my truth.


I hear your opinion of me but I’m operating at 30,000 ft above sea-level so don’t expect a response or even a reaction.


I am in complete touch with my spirit so the ball of pain in my stomach is now replaced with a globe of energy and excitement.


But don’t focus on where I am now without looking at where I was and digesting the lessons I was forced to learn. Because in where I was and the lessons I learnt, you will find your own truth.


Am I perfect? Far from. But you and I, we’re perfect for each other.


So join me and I’ll help you with your journey to SaSsy and then together we’ll help so many more women.


Yeah Sweetheart, we can start a movement…click here to begin




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