Are You Stuck In Life? How To Release The Brakes!

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image of woman on a bicycle afraid to release the brakes


It happened to me.


And if it hasn’t happened yet…it could happen to you.


You reach a point in your life and you’re just stuck. Plain and simple.


You’re desperate to go forward, to be all that you can be, but something is holding you back and you can’t figure out what it is.


It feels like you’re driving a car and using your mind to will the car to go forward but you have your feet firmly planted on the brakes.


Or you’re on a bicycle, going downhill fast and completely out of control and the tighter you grip the brakes, the faster you go. You need to release the brakes and regain control of the bike but you’re so afraid to even try.


At one point in my life, that’s how it felt. And it’s not like I wasn’t trying…as a matter of fact, I was trying every new bright shiny object that came my way. Sighhhh…


But it still felt like something was holding me back. I felt so sorry for myself.


Over time, I discovered that what I didn’t have and what I needed was a tool to show me how to release my own brakes.


Something…anything…to show me possible reasons for the brakes and take me step by step to a point where I could let go of the “help” and find my own wings and yes, use them to soar!


E-ven-tu-al-ly, I found my own way and I was able to grow my business and start another one. I increased my client base by 50% in just three months and my income by 40% in the same period.


But by far the most important thing about releasing my brakes was the leaps and leaps in my self-confidence and my self-esteem. I can now readily decide what I want and step powerfully into action to get it.


Now it’s your turn.


Are you at a point in your life where you’re just stuck in place?


Are you desperate to soar but something you can’t describe is holding you back?


If you could create the future anyway you want it, what would your next year look like?


Release the Brakes” can help you with that!


What is “Release the Brakes” (RTB)?

It’s a practical, self-directed, 30-day course designed to give you the freedom to create the future anyway you want and then help you to own that vision.


In releasing the brakes, you discover and let go of what’s holding you back. This creates a vacuum in your life which you fill it with what YOU want. Then you step powerfully into action to make it happen.


It’s also an introduction to a longer coaching program, if you decide that’s what you want.


How will you release the brakes?

You have to do MORE than buy the course, pat yourself on the back and then discover you’re too busy to faithfully follow the steps.


You have to partner with yourself and commit to following the steps in the course which can really release the brakes which are holding you in place.


When you follow the steps, here’s what will change for you. You will:


  1. Get clear on your vision or your big audacious goal and write it down in a way that inspires you.


  1. Design a physical environment which supports your lifestyle and energizes you.


  1. Engage in strategic self-development


  1. Discover what really matters to you


  1. Get your body fully on-board with your journey


  1. Embrace and use the energy of money


  1. Master the 4 critical areas in the achievement game


  1. Let your spirit guide you to freedom


  1. Develop a network that calls you to your greatness


Your next step…

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