Women: How to Be Awesome and Forever Young!

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The presentation was hot. I was on a high!


I got in my car and turned the key. Right on cue, Rod Stewart came rushing back at me.


He was singing one of my favorite songs “Forever Young” in that dark, husky way that only Rod Stewart can.


Taking the song personally, I started singing right alongside Rod.


But when he got to the part “…for all the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell…” my mood changed. Inexplicably.


I found myself thinking that for all the wisdom of a lifetime, some things never change. As a matter of fact, they remain “forever young.”


And one of those things is the way social norms dictate how women are supposed to behave at every age and stage of our life.


Even in the face of global warming, renewable energy and test tube babies, this remains unchanged.


It seems that the way you’re expected to conform to expectations is also influenced by the colour of your skin, your location on this planet and if you’re single or married.


And God help you if you display just a tiny bit of intelligence beyond what your height, weight, or the shape of your face and the size of your bum suggest.


The big deal about this for me is when people ask me to “behave myself and act my age!”


And what cracks me up about these instructions is that for the most part, they don’t even know my age!


But hey, when you reach age 50, according to the World Health Organisation, you still have 15 years of your youth left. So, if you’re playing old, when you”re still young, all I can say is “good for you!”


How to be forever young?

Aha! If you’re expecting some makeup advise or the latest haircut for the older woman, feel free to leave right now.


My advice is simply to do what the hell makes you happy...as long as you’re not hurting anybody.


You can never be truly awesome or even have a youthful outlook on life, if you’re unhappy and trying to act your age.


Look, I never conformed, first of all unconsciously and now consciously.


I simply follow the path I have carved for myself in this world, deliberately ignoring those of you who have the blueprint for what I should do or not do, at any age.


So just let go of that breath you’ve been holding for the last 20 years.


Untie the knot in your stomach and let loose your forbidden zest for life.


I promise you, that if you live freely, with the whole world looking over your shoulder but don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you will have the best life ever!


And how to be awesome?

To me you’re awesome when you release the brakes on your negotiating with yourself and do those things that you love to do. image of women wearing shirt showing how to be forever young


You cannot be a hostage to your fears and a host to your dreams at the same time.


To be truly awesome, you will have to let go of your fears, ever so gently at first, and embrace at least one little dream. And somewhere between the sheets and the pillows, you will wake up and find your awesome.


Have some daily rituals which anchor you and keep your life and your living in perspective. If you don’t have any at the moment, try mine and see how they work for you. 


Make a list of those things you would secretly love to do but think you’re too old to do. Don’t evaluate the list, just pick one and do it and answer to no one for your action.


To help you get started, below are 5 of my favorite things to do just because I’ve always done them.


As a matter of fact, they are now part of my DNA, keeping me forever young.


Yet, I am constantly reminded that they are for men or boys but certainly not for a woman with a record of more than 50 years on this planet.


I share them with you in the hope that they will inspire you to embrace your own top 5 and do them whenever you feel like it.


1. Cruising down the highway listening to loud music


Yes…I do this when I’m on a high…like when I deliver a hot presentation that transforms my audience. Or when I’m feeling forever young.


Recently, I did this and I got so many stares that, at first, I thought my car tires were on inside out.


I only realized what was the the “problem” when a young man on the other side of me at the traffic light, signaled for me to pullover because he wanted to ask me something.


It turned out he wanted to know all about the set in my car because the music sounded so “clean”.


This was the start of something big…he became a client.


2.  Driving fast just for the thrill of it

When I was growing up most of my male friends raced cars. The only reason I didn’t (all the time) was to keep my poor mother alive.


But those guys taught me to drive and I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of feeling at one with my vehicle.


So occasionally, especially after my car has been serviced, at a time when there is not a lot of traffic about, I will race down the highway, challenging the speed limit and wishing I still had a stick shift.


Apparently, I need to stop that now – it doesn’t go with my image… whatever that is!


3.  Lifting “nuff” weight in the gym

Holy Cow! Can you imagine a man walking out of the weight room because I lifted more weight than he did?


It’s not like we were in a competition or anything. I used the machine first and he just came after me and attempted to use it without adjusting the weight. And in that moment, he understood the meaning of “resistance.”


Apparently, he couldn’t handle that coming from (a) a woman (b) a woman my age and (c) a black woman. Poor little white boy!


What he and most people do not now is that I’ve always been very athletic.


I played netball and hockey for my school and hockey for my country. I played squash and worked out in many gyms, lifting weight under the watchful eyes of many of my country’s top bodybuilders.


Why would I stop now?


4.  Having definition in my arms and a (fairly) flat stomach

Add to that one of the tightest bums you would find anywhere and great legs.


These are all output from my weightlifting and a life of physical activity from the age of five.


But it seems to be written somewhere that, at my age, I should conform to the downward slide of 50-something bodies.


Therefore, I need to exchange my physical assets for arms that jiggle when I wave goodbye, a bum that’s as loose as a plastic bag of water and a stomach reminiscent of being six month pregnant.


Sorry…I’ve already given in to my breast…


5.  Not worrying about anything

Oh Lord, Murder! This is a biggie!


The reasons advanced for my not worrying about much have ranged from Parkinson’s disease to hay fever, passing through dyslexia and ending up at bipolar.


Nearly everybody any age is worrying about one thing or the other, so who am I not to conform to this reality?


Well, I never really had the habit of worrying about much and I don’t plan to start now.


You see, as far as I could remember, I watched my mother worry about everything and everyone.


The one thing I noticed about this was that when the worrying and the crying was over, the problem was right there waiting to be solved.


My big life lesson from this was, when there’s a problem, cut out the worrying and focus on the solution.


And why should I worry now?


My two sons are all grown up and my two grandsons age 8 and 10 are doing a pretty good job of raising themselves.


I love what I’m doing with my life and my sex life is well on the way to keeping me forever young.


Did I miss anything important to worry about?


What you should do next?

Dear Mature Women, please wake up and I don’t care what you smell when you do.


A good life is not about constantly having to determine how to please the world.


Neither is it about allowing yourself to be dictated to about everything.


We are living in an era that’s so full of exciting possibilities for anyone at any age and yet, more that ever we are limited by an unbelievable amount of mental barriers.


Truth be told, I don’t realise that I don’t conform until it’s pointed out to me.


I just live!


So, I want you to follow my example and just live.


One of the most unfiltered and free persons I know constantly reminds me that we’re not here for a long time so it’s important to have a good time!


And in the words of Rod Stewart…


For all the wisdom of a lifetime, no one can ever tell.
But whatever road you choose, I’m right behind you win or lose, And may
you always remain…Forever young. (Forever young)


As for me acting my age…age is just a number and like any good number, mine is unlisted…


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